GSTWN Stories

Gastown is Vancouver’s original downtown core, and since the late 1800’s it’s cobblestone walkways have seen riots, big business, big fires, and culture clash.

Now, it’s culture spans from hipster hang outs to dot com start ups to the Lower Eastside’s down and outs. Gastown is the corridor that flows into the hollow, desolate streets of the crack addicted Downtown Eastside. This corridor is the life-blood of all the addicts, providing them with opportunities to panhandle and bottle thanks to the bars and night clubs in and around Gastown.
This is the story that unfolds all night long until the pusher goes home, with his pockets rattling full of change, echoing across the ears of the chasers who dissolve away into the night until they hear the Crack Man come back the next day, same spot, same story.

But for the fortunate few on Skid Row, their story is finding the light through the shadows, day to day, a more significant purpose of hope and surviving the hand of the pusher man who waits for them at that same spot, he waits for them to lose purpose, and hope.

GSTWN Stories was created by Oleg J.  and Anthony Bucsis-Muñoz
Song “Wake” by the Antlers